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Reviews & Giveaways

For reviews and giveaways I ask for the product to be sent to me to try it out and post the review on this blog with links to whichever social sites you wish to be followed. I also include your website to the post. I keep it simple, sweet and short because I find it brings more views when you respect the time people can offer to read a review. The giveaway is sent by you when I collect their shipping address after they win it.

For local restaurants ,local places or events in Kitchener,Waterloo or Cambridge I would visit the location and experience your food or adventure at your expense  and take photographs and/or videos for the reviews. Giveaways for the restaurants,places or events are taken care of by the business once the winner is chosen and I get their contact information.

Social Media Mentions

If you are looking for a tweet on Twitter, Instagram picture,Facebook page post, or Pinterest post I prefer to work on a monthly rate per month. One post on all my social sites per week (not my blog) I charge 40$ per month Canadian paid by certified cheque or money order. I do not give out personal banking numbers.Ten dollars a week gets you thousands of views ! This is a very low cost to market since I do have a relatively high outreach on my pages.

Sponsored Ads

If it is a product I have reviewed already and you wish to continue having blog post reminders of your product, restaurant,event or adventure I prefer working on a monthly basis like the social media mentions. One blog post per month for $25 dollars Canadian. Paid by certified cheque or money order.

You can contact me by emailing me at

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