Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Green Shawl-St Patrick's Day Beauty Guide

Bewitching Beauty Bargain Description 

I discovered this beautiful shawl by simply searching "green shawl". I was pleasantly surprised to see this gorgeous accessory come up on my screen from a company in the UK called Pips Boutique. It is a Flamenco Dance shawl made out of polyester but has a silky feel to the fabric. At the largest part of the shawl it is approximately 70 inches across. Pips boutique was located in Spain but has moved to Cheshire, UK. I believe this shawl would be quite the addition to your wardrobe for St.Patricks Day to give the holiday a bit more elegance and class. I would love to team up with Pips for a unique review and giveaway one day!

How much is this Bewitching Beauty Bargain and How Do I Get One?

I was very surprised by the pricing of this piece. It is £10.50 in U.K. currency which is $17.19 dollars converted to Canadian currency. This is most certainly a bargain for such a glamorous and fun accessory. You can view it and order it online at Pips Boutique .

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  1. oh my word! this is perfect for St. Pats day. The color of course is beyond perfect (love that color of green) and since it is usually on the chilly side, it would work out great for a visit to the patio

  2. This is very beautiful. I like how it has a silky feel. Great to wear in this chilly weather for St. Patricks day!