Sunday, 26 March 2017

Blogger Banner Banter

About 6-8 years ago blogs doing reviews and giveaways had banner buttons and they would include it in the options of their giveaways! You would take the code on the widget, place an HTML box on your blog and copy and paste the button on your blog to advertise for the blog. I have noticed that unfortunately this has died off as a way of earning more entries in the giveaways but it was a way of advertising for one another!

 I thought to try to revive the banner ad entry and commaderie between bloggers that got lost somewhere by helping your fellow blogger get views! I generated the widget and if you would like to participate with my idea you can grab my banner, place it on your blog and leave me a comment that you did it! In return I can place your banner on my blog in return!

Let's bring back the blogger banner banter that was so fun and beneficial to us all!
If you don't have a banner and want one contact me and I can help you make one with public domain and copyright free pictures!

Here Is The Banner Coding

The Shopping Sorceress

Just copy the code in the little box below my banner and paste it inside a HTML box on your blog and you have my banner ad that will lead back to me when they click on it!

Love As Always,

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