Saturday, 25 March 2017

Life (on Mars)

This weekend the movie Life has been released into the theatres. It is a movie about Life found on the planet Mars. A crew of astronauts discover a single cell in a soil sample and revive it into a life form.
Critics are already posting it is a terrifying movie and worth viewing!

I thought it would be fun to dig around for some Mars inspired jewelery I found !

Mars Earrings 

The Interstellar Store are selling these cute little earrings of Mars. They are made of recycled glass and the marbles are 1/2 inch in diameter. They are available at a store called The Interstellar Store which specializes in planetary fun including Star Wars and Star Trek products. These earrings are available for 19.95 $ American!
Find them here by clicking ▶️Mars Earrings 

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Leave a comment if you would purchase these earrings for a bit of fun while having a Mars theme for seeing this movie or buying it once it is released onto DVD?

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