Friday, 31 March 2017

The Zoo Keepers Wife In The Cinema

The Zoo Keepers Wife begins playing in the theatres this coming weekend and it's one movie I do not want to miss the chance to see! A moving true story of a couple Jan and Antonina Zabinski who hide Jewish people in the basement of the Warsaw Zoo during World War 2 in Poland. A historical and heroic moment in time we should never forget and always honour. I thought to check around for some inspirational products you might want to pick up to support their sacrifice and story!

The Book

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The book is the real story written by Diane Ackerman.It is available in four different formats for you to Purchase and ranges in prices from 13.00$-97.00 Canadian funds and you can locate it by clicking ▶️ The Zookeeper's Wife Publisher: W. W. Norton & Company

  Leave me a comment if you want to see this movie and buy this book as a keepsake to remember two very special people who can teach us all about love and sacrifice for our fellow man

 All My Love As Always,

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