Friday, 21 April 2017

Celebrating Earth Day 2017


Earth Day is tomorrow (April 22,2017) and blogs and social media is just buzzing with some great ideas of  different crafts and Earth friendly topics that I felt inspired to contribute with with some suggestions and thoughts of how you can spend your day dedicated to Earth.

How Can I Contribute For Earth Day 

1) Many cities are offering programs to volunteer for clean up or help with the spring planting. Contact your local community centres and ask them if they know if anything is going on in your community for clean up and planting.
2) If weather permits pack a litter free lunch and go out for a picnic or hike.
3) Visit a butterfly conservatory and experience some nature with them.
4) Learn a Seed Bomb Recipe and make a batch to toss!
5) Eat foods today that require no use of electricity at the stove,toaster or microwave.
6) Visit your local gardening centre and pick up something you can plant.
7) Spend the entire day away from the TV and computer.
8) Write a pledge of something environmental you currently are not doing and promise Earth that you will accomplish it.
9) Write a poem about nature and what it means to you and share it.
10) Collect natural items outside to use for future crafting projects.

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2) Leave me a comment about your special plans to contribute to Earth Day.

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