Friday, 28 April 2017

New Spring Tradition Challenge

Most of us have spring traditions we do every single year whether we are single, couple or family and all ranges of ages. Every season I try to challenge myself to add one more new tradition to start and carry on every year. Variety is the spice of life and keeps things interesting!

What Are Some New Traditions I Can Start this Spring?

  1. Learn how to make seed bombs for the butterflies and the bees and plan an outing to toss them.
  2. Gather natural items found outside like pine cones to use for crafting.
  3. Start a Spring Seasonal scrapbook of pictures and poems.
  4. Learn how to do Haiku poetry in a new Spring Journal.
  5. Plan a Spring nature hike every year 
  6. Join your community centre for spring planting or spring clean up
  7. Learn about a new flower or herb every week.
  8. Make one new spring recipe every week. A great selection on the Food Network
  9. Make perfumed oil in your crock pot using Spring scents.
  10. Celebrate the April Spring Full Moon in a creative and theatrical way !
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2) Leave me a comment what new spring tradition will you be doing this year?

All Love As Always,

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