Saturday, 15 April 2017

World Giraffe Day June 21st

It's no secret that April the New York Giraffe just gave birth to her son and both are stealing the hearts of millions of people across the globe as they watch the two of them on a live video stream posted on several websites. This would be the perfect timing to discuss how the Giraffe is now on the vulnerable list to becoming extinct. 

How Can I Help Protect This Species?

1) Educate yourself on the decline of the Giraffe and why they are at risk
2) Advocate on your social media and blogs for this animal
3) Follow sites that focus on protecting the Giraffe 
4) Adopt a Giraffe from The Giraffe Conservation

Extra Entry Into My 100$ Walmart Card Giveaway

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2) Leave me a comment if you plan on participating with World Giraffe Day or use any of my suggestions I suggested for supporting The Giraffe.

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