Saturday, 16 September 2017

The Joy of Bullet Journaling

What is Bullet Journaling?

Bullet journaling is writing on a type paper that has dots all over it. The dots are on the page so you can use those dots as a bullet form type of writing. I was introduced to it by another blog hosting a giveaway of different things you can use to Bullet Journal like the paper, and gel pens that many use to write in them, It was created by a man named Ryder Carroll who created an actual journal you can purchase and use. I do not have one of these journals as of yet, nor do I know what his looks like.  I create my own pages so I can add artwork to it and use in a binder. 

What Is The Purpose to Bullet Journaling?

1) Organization
2) Creative Expression
3) You can treat it as any other type of artwork
4) It is an extremely healthy hobby
5) It Will Encourage You To Live a Healthier Life if you add health and exercise pages
6) It Will Keep You Productive and On Track
7) It Will Help You Accomplish Goals
8)You Can Turn It Educational by adding pages like " Something New I learned This Week" 
9) It Can Be A Diary to Leave Behind for Your Family for Memories
10) Keeps You Productive On A Daily Basis

I highly recommend this form of art for anyone wanting a new hobby, enjoys writing, or you just need a kick in the arse to begin to organize your life better and need to be reminded that hobbies like reading is a healthy habit to have in your life. 

I will be sharing bullet journaling pages I create that will be free to download and use from this blog! I only ask that you do not resell them, or take personal credit for creating them.

Happy Bullet Journaling and May you find as much happiness doing it as I have!

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