Monday, 20 February 2017

Spring Fashion 2017-The Oversized Purses

Bewitching Bargain Description

This is what will be trending in fashion circles this spring. Oversized purses and totes in the hottest colours of the season. I personally never thought they went out of style to begin with mainly because I always pack so much into my bags! They are useful for many types of people ranging from parents, students, crafters, writers and readers who still enjoy a paperback or hardcover novel over digital.
The styles range from zipper closures to a string pull.

Where can I find this Bargain? And What Will It Cost Me?

This particular purse I located on one of my favourite websites called Wish . In the search engine simply input "large purses" or "totes" and you will see several deals pop up to choose from. They range anywhere in price from $15-50 which is an amazing bargain for a bag !

Happy Spring shopping !

Love as always,

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