Monday, 20 February 2017

Happy Presidents Day

Today the United States is celebrating Presidents Day and although I am not American, I took the time over the past few days to reflect on our neighbours and their leaders over the years!  I always found that their choices were quite colourful and unexpected. I think Ronald Reagan really proved to the world that their country chooses the man and not the political school that they attended. Nor do they require multiple years of working at the bottom of the political ladder and climbing to the ultimate position as The President of The United States!

We also got to witness Obama become the very first black person to become the POTUS. It was a cause to support, believe in and embrace ! It was a moment in time we will cherish and never forget how far we have come socially!

These Presidents  should give us all hope to dream of achieving success, power and financial gain that we never thought we would or could achieve. May we see many more stories like these everywhere to inspire us to be all that we can become and were meant to be!

Happy Presidents Day!

Love as always,

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