Wednesday, 26 July 2017

RuckPack Energy Drink Review

In the past few months I have been making many lifestyle changes because I had a heart attack in May. I never imagined a woman who is only 46 years old having one! It was my wake up call to make necessary changes. When I saw Ruckpack offered as a campaign to promote; my first thought was a replacement for the coffee addiction that helped lead to my heart attack! I knew I had to try this product !

What and Who Is Ruckpack?

Ruckpack is an energy drink created by Marine Special Operation Forces for nutrition and energy, but they do have other products available. These energy drinks are made with nutrients called Nootropics which are a supplement that improve cognitive function, memory, creativity and motivation. Nootropics for sports are nootropics combined  with  vitamins and minerals to maximize and boost performance! They were also on Shark Tank!

My Review 

Ruckpack was kind enough to send me six samples of their nutrition drinks. Three had caffeine in them and three didn't. I found both types of samples tasted the same but had different results for energy. They taste incredibly sweet like concentrated juice so it's a good idea to have them with a glass of water. I found the one with caffeine gave me more energy and a  bigger boost or impact which seems to kick in about an hour or so after you drink them. I found with both types of drinks whether they had caffeine in them or not that my attention span and focus improved.

I am recommending this product if you are looking for a clean energy drink that works !

     Ruckpack is kindly offering you 20% off your purchase with the CODE BB079
                                                          Visit their Website and order yours today!

 Please note : This is a sponsored post by Brandbacker and Ruckpack and I was compensated for the post with samples of the product to review.

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