Friday, 18 August 2017

10 PROS For A Track Trip With VIA Rail


I have been travelling by train with VIA Rail since I was a child. I can still recall that very first time that I looked out the window in awe and wonder of how quickly we were moving and the lovely view along the way. That exilerating feeling never passes and I still get excited knowing I will be on a train for a trip again.

10 PROS For Travelling By Track 

1) Someone else does all the work instead of you 
2) You can focus on relaxing with books, magazines or the internet 
3) Free wifi is included on the trip
4) Beautiful scenery can be seen so make sure you ask for a window seat when booking
5) Both hands are free to write or journal the experience freely 
6) You can meet interesting travellers telling their stories 
7) You can choose to be served food at your seat by staff as they make their way with the food carts 
8) It is relatively affordable to travel by train 
9) It is incredibly environmental to travel as a group to one destination together 
10) You are making memories of a great adventure 

This is why I choose VIA Rail for my holidays and trips and why I think you should travel the tracks in luxury and create memories of a journey that I know you will always cherish and remember !

Happy trails on the tracks !

May they take you somewhere exciting or somewhere to relax !

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