Thursday, 17 August 2017

Happy National Thrift Shop Day

What kind of Shopping Sorceress would I be without mentioning this holiday for all thrift shop shoppers who appreciate a good deal ! August 17th is a very special day for many of us thrifty shoppers who know and value our thrift stores!

Here are some wonderful  thrift stores I shop at quite regularly for household items, clothing, crafts and decorations over the years !

Happy National Thrift Shop Day and happy thrifting !

Salvation Army Thrift Store 

Salvation Army thrift store is not only very reasonable in cost but most stores are incredibly organized by having separate sections for toys, electronics and household goods. However they do not sort the clothing by size so expect a good hunt. This keeps the costs down and is why they are so reasonable . It is an execellent thrift store experience if you like the hunt for the treasure and at the same time you know the organization is known to help others many different ways ! I strongly advocate for this organization and encourage you to choose this thrift store for National Thrift Shop Day !

Value Village 

Value Village is known to sort their clothes in sizes on the racks making it a bit easier to shop but they are a bit more money because they take the time to do that. Their stores are incredibly organized in regards to treating it like a department store with sections like The Salvation Army Thrift Store. They are known to put out one of the best Thrift Store Halloween shopping experiences you can hope to ever have. I encourage you to choose Value Village for National Thrift Store Day !

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