Friday, 22 September 2017

Hello First Day Of Autumn

Today is the very first day of Autumn ! My favorite season as I have mentioned in other posts ! I just find the weather is perfect. It is comfortable for jeans and a sweater ! Big fan of the food  we harvest this time of year like pumpkins & apples! Something soothing about hot apple cider with a cinnamon stick and turning on the Netflix fireplace with the lights on dim with fall scented candles ! 
To celebrate the first day of Autumn I thought to share some ideas with you of how you can welcome the season today !

How To Make Today Special

1) Make a fall inspired dish like chilli 
2) Take a walk in your neighbourhood and take pictures of any trees that might be turning color 
3) Make a fall inspired craft 
4) Pick up a magazine that has a focus on the season on the front cover and curl up and read it 
5) Pick up a new fall sweater that fits your budget
6)  Begin a journal and write about the beauty of this season
7) Print out pictures of Fall and create a coffee table book for your table with a binder and plastic sleeves 
8) Google " Reading list for fall " and grab a few books 
9) Dedicate yourself to 1 blog post read everyday that's Fall inspired
10) Create a photo album of pictures you took this season

Enjoy your day enjoying Autumn !

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