Sunday, 1 October 2017

Thanksgiving Day Gift Guide

I bet you thought giving gifts at Thanksgiving isnt done. Wrong! Not everyone is the host of the meals and those hosts are spending several hours preparing and serving you a good dinner. That's right! The guests attending the meal should bring gifts to the host. This is called courtesy and class. I thought to share a few suggestions with you that I've given personally to people who have entertained me this Holiday.

Thanksgiving Day Gift Guide To Give The Host 

1) Wine-One of White and One of Red-please ensure hosts are not recovering alcoholics 
2) Box of Chocolates
3) A plant with Fall Decorations in the soil 
4) Cheese and cracker tray 
5) A Cornucopia filled with real fall vegetables and fruit 
6) Fall/Thanksgiving Day inspired gift basket 
7) Fall inspired candle set with holders 
8) Baked seasonal goods like Apple Pie or Pumpkin loaf 
9) Fall inspired piece for the dining table like a vase or dish 
10) Thank you for dinner card with a gift card inside of it 

These are my favorite gifts to give to someone who is taking the time to serve me a nice Thanksgiving Day meal. Be thoughtful this Thanksgiving  and don't attend empty handed !

Happy Thanksgiving !

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