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MyBaskets.Ca Review

Christmas wouldn't be the same without lovely gift baskets we give and receive. I was sent a beautiful gift basket from  to test and try. I was very impressed by the variety they sent and loved how Canadian the products were which made it even more appealing to me as a Canadian. The presentation of the basket is beautifully laid out and appealing to the eye as you can see in the photograph I took. They sent me a basket of Savory goodies which you can view the basket they sent on their website. here

What the Basket Included

Two bags of Hard bites Handcrafted chips ( Natural and BBQ)
Reko Artisan Italian Crackers -Rosemary & Olive Oil
Castello Brie-Danish Cheese
Heidi Grand D'Or- Milk Chocolate Bar with Hazelnuts
Buiteman Swiss Gruyere Biscuits
Gourmet Village Lemon Dill Dip Mix
The Treat Shoppe-Double Chocolate Carmel Corn
The Treat Shoppe-Gourmet Nut Collection-Praline Peanuts
Wildly Delicious Preserve Co.Ltd-Oven Roasted Tomato & Basil
Savory Shortbread Cookies

What We Thought of The Products

We tried every product sent in the basket as a family and I have to say it was such a treat to have such a different selection of gourmet treats I have never tried before. The Lemon Dill Dip Mix I made with one container of sour cream, one package of cream cheese plus the mix which comes prepared for you to just add. I blended it all together and we had it with the Hard Bite chips. Hard bites chips are thicker, and I found kept the dip on the chip much better than thinner chips did. Since I made the dip with cream cheese it was a thicker consistency so it was nice with the Artisan Crackers too.

The Wildly Delicious Preserve of Oven Roasted Tomato & Basil I served spread on ArtisanItalian crackers and also toasted garlic bread I made in my oven since it is a Bruschetta mix.  I also used the Castello Brie Danish cheese on the artisan crackers too. I cut the cheese in very thin slices, and placed it on the top of the cracker. I will say I have never enjoyed Brie cheese this way before and plan on having it that way again for sure through the holidays. The cheese is very soft so it is spreadable.

photo: Chocolate Caramel Corn with the Praline Peanuts

We mixed the Double Chocolate Caramel Corn with the Praline Peanuts in a bowl to serve together and I will say it is a very rich tasting treat. You do not need to eat much of either to feel satisfied of having your sweet tooth satisfied. I found an incredible difference of eating gourmet peanuts and popcorn over other selections.

photo:Buiteman Swiss Gruyere Biscuts and Savory Shortbread Cookies

The Buiteman Swiss Gruyere Biscuits  were excellent on their own with a cup of tea. You can taste the Swiss cheese very strongly so you know they are a good quality brand when you know they are Swiss Cheese. A good suggestion for them is a Christmas Breakfast served with a good tea or coffee. You can also place them out on a tray for guests with your other Christmas treats. I enjoyed The Savory Shortbread Cookies with coffee a cup of tea in the morning and dipped them in the tea. I found them lighter  in taste than other short bread cookies I've had which made them more enjoyable over the rich tasting versions that make you feel heavy after eating them.

If you are looking for a gift basket supporting Canadian businesses to give to someone this holiday season that has such a variety and tasty selection in the basket, this is a basket worth giving. It is also a nice basket for yourself to use to entertain holiday guests or family visiting through the season.

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