Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Black Friday Etiquette Giveaway

Black Friday is sneaking up on us fast and we all know what that means for any of us who enjoy shopping that day for a deal. A lack of etiquette from some of the shoppers ! We have all experienced something annoying or distasteful while trying to have a good time while saving money ! Such as holding up the line up at the cash register when it can be prevented with being compassionate and not self centred ! Let's make this year not only safe from violence but considerate to others !

How Can I Contribute To Black Friday Etiquette 

1) Sort out your cash before you leave the house not at the register 
2) If you have issues using debit or credit cards use cash 
3) Get price checks done before you reach the register 
4) The more of a mess you leave the store in -the less help at the registers as they scurry around fixing the destruction and chaos 
5) Be courteous to the cashiers but keep conversations minimum 
6) Know your budget before you cash out 
7) Try to put your carts and baskets back this frees up time at the cash registers to serve more people 
8) Don't argue other customers shopping 

The Giveaway 

The Shopping Sorceress wants to give one reader a $75.00 Amazon Gift Card  to shop at home that day sent by email to make your day easier.

International giveaway where legal to enter and must be of legal age in your country 
Amazon is not responsible for the gift card, I am.
Simply leave a comment of an experience you had on Black Friday and why you need this gift card !

Skill testing question if Canadian winner.

Contest ends the night before Black Friday 

Extra entries for following on Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook or Instagram.
Leave a separate comment for each follow you do.

Two entries for signing up for my newsletter found on the right side of the page !

Good luck, Be safe and have fun shopping with consideration of others !


  1. I've never shopped and in-store Black Friday event, just online. Unfortunately for me, I had to deal with out of stock items on Black Friday sales. I could really use an Amazon card to help pay for some of my gifts. Many thanks!

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