Wednesday, 12 April 2017

The Alternative Easter Reality

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 We all know it's Easter this coming weekend. It is impossible not to notice post after post and pages filled with the perfect Easter dinner, the perfect gifts, the egg hunts,and baked goods filling our screens to read and desire. Unfortunately many will not have that due to crisis,tragedy,death,poverty,health,homelessness or other factors.

What Can I Do To Help The Alernative Easter Reality?

  1. Donate food and gifts to your local food banks and churches
  2. Volunteer your time to socialize or serve others at community centres offering meals.
  3. If you know someone suffering a tragedy, funeral, death or alone bring them cooked meals in Tupperware dishes they can warm up in the microwave.
  4. Don't feel pressured if finances are tight to serve fancy meals. Frozen pizza in the oven is just as delicious as a Ham or Lamb roast.
  5. Find alternative and low cost entertainment such as movie nights at home or board games from a second hand stores.
  6. Place ads online with donations for Easter but be safe to meet in public places only.

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Leave a comment if you will be either doing any of these things or any other suggestions you may have to bring peace, love or hope to someone with The Alternative Easter Reality.

All My Love As Always,

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  1. We're having a simple meal with the grandparents and making easter treats instead of buying expensive eater baskets/chocolate.

  2. We donate food at Easter time, our food banks are always in need to fill their shelves.