Monday, 4 September 2017

Bring On Apple Picking September !

September is the month for this delicious fruit that can be eaten or drank several ways! The best way to start is by picking them from a tree yourself! I have so many fond memories with my family Apple picking in the orchards of Quebec and some in Ontario when we moved here !

The Benefits To Picking Your Own 

1) Its exercise
2) It's cost effective
3) They are healthy fruit
4) You are creating memories
5) You are becoming one with nature  

What Can I Make With Apples 

1) Apple sauce in your crock pot 
2) Apple cider in your crock pot
3) Apple pie
4) Apple crisp
5) Apple butter 
6) Apple chutney 
7) Baked apples with sugar and cinnamon
8) Sliced apples with cheddar cheese on the side 

And I am sure google  could provide you many other options for  apples !

Happy Picking !

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